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Ditching the Decs

Gather round, Brethren, it’s been a while but the time has come to talk of matters of importance. Hallowe’en is over. Retailers have turned to glitter, soppy (yet wonderful) adverts are on TV, and they have unleashed merry hell on … Continue reading

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The Five Generations

The Five Generations, eh? It’s a hot topic for those of us in the work place field, though is still taking many unawares. So, in a very small nutshell: we are at the dawn of a new age where five generations … Continue reading

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What’s it All About, Alfie?

Daily I talk about subjects that cause many a furrowed brow. Subjects like Incubators, Accelerators, Millennials, touchdown, free address, five generations….  These are subjects that work space obsessed folk such as myself trip merrily off our tongues without a moments … Continue reading

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1:1 desking = one desk:one person = Me:Worth

The chances are, if you’re reading this at work, you’re at your desk. That would be ‘your’ desk, allocated to you. And there are lots of good to be had with that, there are many roles that need to have an … Continue reading

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Uber Work Space Spod – and Proud!

Far away and long ago there was a recent Design graduate, lost in a vast, grey sea of possibilities. Invited back to my alma mater to teach, I was asked to devise a module for the course that extended the … Continue reading

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