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Do’s and Don’ts of the Framework of Influence

It’s easy to make mistakes when adopting an engagement model. Building on this Framework of Influence (FoI) article, here are some additional tips about how to ensure your engagement structure works. Always: Remember that engagement is leadership, and that it is the role of … Continue reading

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Plan B

When we start messing with people’s work spaces, we start messing with their heads. There’s no other way around it, and it has to be acknowledged. This is why workplace is about people, not spaces. Spaces are easy. People are … Continue reading

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Ditching the Decs

Gather round, Brethren, it’s been a while but the time has come to talk of matters of importance. Hallowe’en is over. Retailers have turned to glitter, soppy (yet wonderful) adverts are on TV, and they have unleashed merry hell on … Continue reading

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