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Anna Farrow has 20 years experience in the work place field and has successfully delivered Programme Management of Design, Communication and workplace change variety of businesses at an organisational level. Anna is passionate about workplaces and how we do - and might - use them. Opinions and positions expressed are Anna's own.

Turn the Beef Around

An example of how a change in workplace strategy benefits people, place and budget and can be quite different to people’s perceptions. A long time ago in a galaxy campus far, far away….we broke the mould. In a rather traditional … Continue reading

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Regarding Headcount…

This article shares why identifying headcount is not as straightforward as it seems and how a good workplace strategy requires repeated investigation. Headcount forecasts require approval before they can be considered viable, however formal headcount requests can be refused. Often, … Continue reading

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Do’s and Don’ts of the Framework of Influence

Some additional tips about how to ensure your engagement structure works. It’s easy to make mistakes when adopting an engagement model. The following tips build on this Framework of Influence (FoI) article. Always: Remember that engagement is leadership, and that it is the role … Continue reading

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The Engagement Fulcrum

Workplace has been traditionally a ‘tell’ environment. If you are not familiar with engagement-led models, how do you lead change when a ‘tell’ is not an option? When working with people who are new to engagement models, the common themes … Continue reading

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More Than Meets the Eye

A short piece on when people are more than their CV, how a simple engagement direction has made some people very proud, and how going the extra mile benefits the project. At one interview the curveball questions at the wrap-up … Continue reading

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The Great Divide

Bridging the generational divide with 360 degree mentoring and acknowledging that ‘talent’ is to be found in all generations. I’ve been reading Gallup’s ‘State of the American Workplace 2017’. While it is US-centric and I am sitting in an exceptionally … Continue reading

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Creature Comforts

Changing ways of working is about changing the mindset, adopting new tools and finding ways of what works for the individual. I love caddisfly larvae.  This is probably down to reading Charles Kingsley’s ‘The Water Babies’ back in my dim … Continue reading

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