About Me

This field is my vocation, my passion, an adventure and journey; I have been known to refer to it as ‘my one true love’ (my husband is very understanding….!)

  • Workplace strategy, influencing real estate strategy, aligning with business goals
  • Programme management of workplace design and communications workstreams
  • Influencing workplace change at an organisational level
  • Leading development of standards, processes and governance
  • Successfully coaching Project teams
  • Client facing to senior level
  • Responsibility at separate times for 1.4M SqFt of workplace (UK); EMEA-wide portfolio covering 27+ offices

My view:

  • We are one team, we deliver a single goal regardless of being from different departments or external service providers.
  • Collaborative problem solving is key, as is honesty, trust, integrity and creating an environment where mistakes can be raised and solutions figured out without blame.
  • We make sure all the project boxes are ticked, and then figure out how we can innovate and go the extra mile along the way.
  • We seek continuous improvement both during and within projects. If there’s a gap, fix it; if there’s an issue, solve it; if there’s an opportunity, figure out if it’s worth taking.
  • And we absolutely must have fun. It sounds trite, though when the workload is heavy and pressure is on you need to be able to laugh.

Examples? Click here for projects.